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20th January 2019 
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For many couples, trying to conceive a much wanted child can be a very emotional and stressful journey. The anxiety and stress caused at this time may, in fact, prevent conception and so a vicious circle is formed - the more worried they become, the less likely they will conceive. Reflexology can provide support by helping relieve the stress and tension people may feel at this time.

Holistic Fertility Therapy looks at lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, stress, and work/life balance in order to maximise the couples efforts on their journey.

Reflexology in Pregnancy

During pregnancy women ride a rollercoaster of hormones, bodily changes, emotions and feelings. They merit special care at this time. Reflexology is second to none as a complimentary therapy before, during and after pregnancy. In this hectic world where we rush about so much, it gives the mother-to-be one hour of quality "me" time.

How can Reflexology help?

Pregancy is not an illness but it can have considerable impact on the body. Women can feel the negative impact of additional weight in many ways - swollen feet and ankles; foot pain; leg and knee pain; back and pelvic pain and decreased energy. As well as this, with their centre of gravity being completely altered and the angle of the spine being affected, they develop the "pregnancy woddle". Research suggests that pregnant women fall at a rate similar to that of women over 70 years old due to the changed gait and postural instability during pregnancy.

Many pregnant women find having their feet massaged absolute bliss and their partners should be encouraged to rub the feet as and when necessary to calm and soothe tired feet. The partner can also be taught which areas of the foot to massage during the birthing process.